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The design incorporates the following images:

  • Children at Redfern Primary School, Sydney, c. 1942. Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs, State Library of Victoria,  H99.201/3921
  • Gilles School Infants class, Adelaide, 1941. State Library of South Australia, B7798/121
  • Domestic arts class, Abattoirs Primary School, Adelaide, 1925. State Library of South Australia. B62315
  • Soldiers and school children at the end of World War I, South Australia, c. 1918. State Library of South Australia, PRG280/1/32/41
  • Gumeracha Public School, South Australia, c. 1878. State Library of South Australia. B7807
  • Empire Day at Unley Public School, the arrival of the Governor, 24 May 1942, South Australia. State Library of South Australia, B 7798/258