Gilles School Infants Class. Adelaide 1941.

Empire Day at Unley Public School, the arrival of the Governor, 24 May 1942, South Australia. State Library of South Australia, B 7798/258


Welcome to the Dictionary of Educational History in Australia and New Zealand.

Maori children

Maori children at an open air Sunday School class at Ruatahuna. Henry, Annie (Sister) : Photographs owned by Sister Annie Henry. Ref: 1/2-030878-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

The Dictionary aims to provide a range of authoritative entries about the multifaceted history of education in Australia and New Zealand, including histories of:

  • various types of schools and schooling
  • teachers and teacher training
  • curricula and pedagogies
  • childhood and youth
  • educational purposes and policies
  • educational philosophies

As we build the collection, we trust that users of the Dictionary will discover for themselves many fascinating and important stories about education in Australia and New Zealand.